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Originally posted by PontiacJ8@May 27 2004, 11:03 AM

The 60-foot mass-transit vehicles, which are more expensive than standard diesel buses, deliver up to 60 percent greater fuel economy and can reduce emissions by as much as 90 percent, GM said.

County transit officials say they expect the hybrid buses to save roughly 750,000 gallons of fuel a year.

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Now those are some impressive numbers. It seems to make much more sense to make hybrid buses than a hybrid car, at least initially. Buses pollute much more than any SUV on the market. I don't own an SUV nor am I pro- or anti- SUV, but think about how many buses operate in any major metropolis. Replacing diesel buses with hybrids would probably reduce fuel consumption and emissions much more effectively than dumping a couple of million hybrid cars into the market. It might not be as sexy from a marketing standpoint, but to me, it seems to make a lot of sense.
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