It'll be more than meets the eye at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale in a couple of weeks. Four Bumblebee Camaros will be put on the block by Chevrolet, to be sold for charity.

There are four Camaros up for offer, and they will be sold as a group. You can't break up the hive, after all. There's an explanation for why there are just four cars but five movies too (Ed. There are five Transformers movies? Seriously?).

The first car was part of the extremely long marketing campaign for the rebirth of the Camaro. A car we first saw in 2006, but didn't arrive to market until 2009. The car from Transformers was re-used. It was modified slightly for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but was still basically the same car.

After that came a more modified version, the 2010 model, for Dark of the Moon. After that came a smoother, more concept-like model for Age of Extinction. Finally, a preview of the sixth-generation car came in the form of the car from The Last Knight.

Barrett-Jackson isn't saying all that much about the cars. That includes if they were actually screen used. But they are owned by GM, and come with a scrap title that means they'll be show cars and not street cars.

Still, when they sell to benefit Operation Homefront, a charity that helps support military families, expect the cars to transform into big dollars.