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LAS VEGAS - General Motors is using the backdrop of the industry’s premiere automotive showcase to make a powerful statement about the company’s continued commitment to offering “gotta-have” vehicles, parts and technology. This includes unveiling a new HUMMER, announcing future Performance Division offerings, featuring several new powertrain applications, presenting an array of new accessories and showing a trio of vehicles that led an assault on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

GM’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) exhibit includes more than 40 production, concept and brand-directed vehicles - all of them on display for the first time. The display incorporates offerings targeted at a variety of consumers. The common thread is clear, however. Whether you’re in the market for 20-inch wheels, a big block crate motor, a high-performance sport-compact “tuner” right out of the box, the hottest SUV on the planet, a pocket-rocket powerplant or high-performance derivatives of your favorite production vehicles, GM has the products and power you need.

Concept to reality
The origin of three high-performance vehicles - available in dealer showrooms early next year - can be traced to the 2002 SEMA show.

“Last year’s SEMA show was the coming-out party for the newly formed GM Performance Division,” said Gary Cowger, president of GM North America. “We showed concepts that became the Pontiac Bonneville GXP, Cadillac CTS-V and the Saturn ION Red Line. This year we’re showing the real deal, vehicles with great performance and design that have moved quickly from concept to reality.”

Bonneville GXP puts real teeth behind Pontiac’s promise of “Excitement,” with a 4.6-liter DOHC V-8 that delivers 275 horsepower and a performance-tuned handling package that includes four-wheel independent suspension, StabiliTrak and an electrically controlled transaxle with a 3.71 final drive ratio.

The CTS-V brings Cadillac into the high performance luxury arena with a 400-horsepower, 5.7-liter V-8, six-speed manual transmission, large Brembo performance brakes, 18-inch wheels and tires, retuned shock absorbers and a host of interior and exterior styling refinements.

Inspired by the tuner car movement, the ION Red Line quad coupe features an integrated performance package including a 2.0-liter supercharged, intercooled version of the Ecotec four-cylinder engine, racetrack-bred suspension and unique styling. A specially prepared ION Red Line driven by Jim Minneker, a GM Performance Division engineer, set the land-speed mark for its class on the Bonneville Salt Flats in northern Utah. At SEMA, the ION Red Line is joined by the VUE Red Line, a limited-production sport utility featuring a lowered body, sport-tuned suspension and steering, ground effects and VUE’s new 3.5-liter, 250 horsepower V-6.

The GM Performance Division provides the skill, enthusiasm and integration to deliver uniquely branded performance vehicles out of a common “toolbox.”

“We provide the integration among the various GM disciplines critical to delivering ‘gotta-have’ product,” said Mark Reuss, executive director of GM Performance Division, who also serves as executive director of vehicle architecture. “Performance Division has a voice in the very earliest stages of product development, so the engineering that goes into the performance derivatives is integrated back into the mainstream production process. This functional integration is a competitive advantage.”

Next up for GM Performance Division will be a Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS, a 2006-model-year entry that will feature a Corvette-inspired V-8 engine, 20-inch wheels and a lower suspension than the current production model. The production TrailBlazer SS will be based on the TrailBlazer SS concept originally shown at the 2002 SEMA show. Reuss' team is working up plans for other vehicles as well.

These production-intent vehicles are the first in a line of next-generation performance cars and trucks that will be identified by brand-specific designations - SS for Chevrolet, GXP for Pontiac, V-series for Cadillac and Red Line for Saturn.

Test bed for new concepts
In addition to showcasing vehicles headed to production, GM is using the SEMA show as a test bed to gauge reaction from the experts in specialty vehicles. It’s a process that helps move great ideas from the concept stage into the dealer’s showroom as fast as possible.

Among the GM highlights at the 2003 SEMA show:

Chevrolet is developing a portfolio of Z71 trucks with off-road suspension and high stance, such as the Silverado Crew Cab 4x4 and Extended Cab 4x2, as well as a TrailBlazer 4x4 and a two-wheel-drive version of Colorado. A series of XTREME vehicles (Equinox, Colorado, Malibu and Aveo) provide the canvas for evaluating a wide range of performance enhancements, body kits and other accessories to allow enthusiasts to customize their vehicles. Chevy is displaying the SSR, its innovative, head-turning convertible sports pickup, with GM Accessories that help personalize the vehicle. Also being shown is a special Cavalier that competes in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) modified class with its 1,000-horsepower version of the Ecotec 2.2-liter engine.

Pontiac presents five concepts - Grand Prix, Grand Am, Vibe, GTO and Sunfire - with an Autocross total performance theme. The cars are outfitted with performance parts relevant to autocross events, which are often run on parking lots and airport runways on courses defined by traffic cones, making handling as important as straight-ahead power. Pontiac also showcases the American Tuner Sunfire Coupe with an aftermarket body appearance kit debuting at dealers in late January 2004.

GMC showcases an “adventure” series of professional off-road trucks with capabilities for outdoor enthusiasts, each carrying the AT4 designation. The show vehicles are all-terrain variants of trucks: Yukon, outfitted for snow skiing trips; Envoy XUV, accessorized for the water sports enthusiast; Sierra Crew Cab Short Box, designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind; and Canyon Crew Cab, outfitted for a kayaking expedition.

Cadillac demonstrates ultra luxury security executive customization with the Escalade ESV Executive Limousine. The SRX Black Diamond and CTS Sport explore production capable add-on accessories, the SRX Black Diamond aimed at skiing and other active lifestyle pursuits and the CTS Sport targeting sport appearance and performance. Cadillac also is showing the CTS-V with 18-inch flangeless wheels and carbon fiber accessories.

Saturn highlights sport compact performance with its production-intent versions of the ION Red Line and VUE Red Line. The VUE Street Play tests ultimate performance limits of the VUE Red Line with a supercharged, 300-horsepower version of the 3.5-liter V-6 while also adding performance-oriented exterior and interior changes.

Buick highlights how it is bringing a new level of premium refinement and style to its growing truck portfolio with the Rendezvous and Rainier TW editions. Both concepts explore premium luxury appointments such as new leathers, fabrics, colors and finishes.

HUMMER emphasizes the functionality and versatility of the new H2 SUT (sport utility truck) with the H2 SUT Dirt Sports concept. The Dirt Sports concept includes off-road dirt bike, camping and hard tonneau packages.
GM also is showing off three new vehicles in its Homeland Security lineup for 2004: a one-ton 4x4 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab Cargo/Troop Carrier, a Chevrolet Police Tahoe, and a Cadillac DeVille Armored Edition.

GM Accessories continues to grow
GM Accessories is expanding the breadth of its accessories offerings. In 2001, GM Accessories offered 150 products. That number has grown to more than 500 in 2003, and will exceed 1,000 offerings by the end of 2004. At the SEMA show, GM Accessories has more than 100 parts on display, up from 21 in 2002.

GM Accessories offers the best fit, best function and most tailored appearance. Vehicles like the new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon midsize pickups, the HUMMER H2 and Chevy SSR are examples in which GM Accessories are integrated into the vehicle design and engineering process.

GM Accessories’ new offerings include a number of product lines that cross GM’s car and truck portfolio, including:

All-new 20-inch wheels designed specifically for Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra and 17- and 18-inch custom wheels that will be introduced in 2004 for other GM cars and trucks.

Customized interior trim kits; examples can be seen at SEMA on the Pontiac Grand Prix, Grand Am and Sunfire; Chevy Colorado and TrailBlazer; and on HUMMER products.

A new 572-cubic-inch, 620-horsepower big block engine available from GM Performance Parts, shown on a 1955 Buick Roadmaster owned and rebuilt by Jay Leno.

Ecotec four-cylinder supercharged engines with additional variants to come in the future.

Other new offerings include 10 new products, mostly chrome accents, for the H2, whose customers buy $1,500 in GM Accessories on average; four accessories exclusive to the 2005 H2 SUT, which will also be available with many of the SUV’s accessories; 17 accessories available at launch for the SSR; and 23 available accessories for the Pontiac Vibe, including a supercharger.

GM Accessories also is gauging market reaction to potential new products, including a modular pull-down sliding roof rack system and retractable side steps on the GMC Yukon and a new cargo rail system on GMC Sierra.

New engines, new technologies
GM Powertrain is using SEMA to show off new engines and variants, including two engines with Displacement on Demand (DOD) cylinder-deactivation technology for improved fuel economy. By 2008, GM will have two million vehicles with V-8 and V-6 engines with DOD. The new engines with this technology are:

The Gen IV small-block V-8, with higher performance and an array of technical advancements. The Vortec 5300 small-block with DOD debuts on V-8-equipped versions of the 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer EXT, GMC Envoy XUV and Buick Rainier. An automotive application of the Gen IV small-block without DOD debuts later in the 2005 Corvette.
The 3900 V-6, the latest in GM’s longstanding family of 60-degree V-6 engines. The 3900 will be the first GM overhead valve engine to use variable valve timing, and it will be GM’s first V-6 to use DOD. Its first application will be on the 2005 Pontiac G6.
GM is also showcasing a new Ecotec 2.4-liter variant, which brings both larger displacement and variable valve timing to the Ecotec modular family. The Ecotec 2.4-liter, with 170 horsepower and 170 lb.-ft. of torque, will debut on the all-new 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt.

Growth of HUMMER
HUMMER is highlighting its growth as a brand, unveiling the H2 SUT and a new interior for the H1.

With its reconfigurable Midgate, the H2 SUT provides a unique blend of capability and functionality in an off-road vehicle. While the 2004 H1 is as rugged and uncompromising as ever, a host of interior updates - the first significant redesign in H1’s history - add comfort, convenience and refinement to the unique HUMMER equation.

New mobility
On display at SEMA, the innovative Sit-N-Lift power seat makes it easier to enter and exit GM’s midsize vans. Available on select Chevrolet Venture, Pontiac Montana and Oldsmobile Silhouette minivans, this new option strengthens GM’s commitment to providing transportation solutions for seniors, people with disabilities and caregivers. The Sit-N-Lift power seat makes GM the only automotive manufacturer in the U.S. to offer a fully motorized, rotating lift-and-lower passenger seat.

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:eek: whoa, GM really took SEMA serious.... and thats good!

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02eco....power? do you go to the Anyway, there is a link here on a supercharged crate that is going to be at SEMA, but no news on the charger by itself.
Yeah, I go to the daily although I drive a Grand Am with an Ecotec & 5speed. There isn't many Ecotec GA's around do I get my engine tips mostly from the j-body community. I'm 02ecogase on the org, I tried 02eco but someone already was using it. Where's the link, I didn't see it.

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i liked the grand prix autocross edtion! if they build that one, i will buy it! also liked the colorado with the turbo I-5 making 350hp. had nice interior also! sat in the cts sport and the cts-v. nice cars, but the sport had a cool rear deck spolier the cts-v did not have. all in all, very nice display of cars!!!
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