GM's legal team scored a small success today in its racketeering case against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The appeals court has stayed a lower court's order for the two sides to meet to resolve the issue, according to Automotive News.

"In order to provide sufficient time to consider the matters raised in GM's petition, and having considered the relevant factors, we conclude that a temporary stay is appropriate," the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said in a court filing.

The judge in the lower court whose decision GM is appealing said that GM's case was "a waste of time and resources" less than a week ago. US District Court Judge Paul Borman, ordered Mary Barra and FCA CEO Mike Manley to meet by July 1 to negotiate a resolution.

The case was started last year by GM, which accused FCA executives of bribing UAW leaders to secure labor agreements that would put GM at a disadvantage.

Fiat Chrysler, meanwhile, argues that the case is aimed at disrupting a merger between itself and French automaker, Peugeot. Mind you, FCA is currently under investigation by the Justice Department as part of a probe of corruption among UAW leaders.