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Originally posted by leadfoot85@Apr 15 2004, 05:39 PM
Is GM looking to advance into alternative fueled car production with Diesels like Mercedes, Chrystler, VW? Or are they gonna lean towards the Toyota, Honda realm with Gas-Elec. hybrids?

Somebody find out...I'm really looking forward to seeing GM get rolling on this type of activity...this stuff has been in certain industry sectors and private developments and even as SAE student competitions for at least a decade.
GM already has clean, efficient common rail Diesel I-4's & V-6's in Europe. Tailpipe soot emmisions are practically non-existent with a special particulate trap.

American Diesel Fuel has way too much sulfur, which causes soot in the exhaust & clogs injectors. Sulfur reduction in refining american diesel fuel starts this year. In 2006 our Diesel fuel will on par with Europes.

The other big issue is Domestic manufacturers past history with Diesels in the 70's
and the quality problems they had. Americans have long memories, or so the Big 2 think.......

If gas prices keep climbing, I expect to see diesels soon.

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