Following the announcement this morning that the UAW had succeeded in holding the big three to protective measure, GM has announced that it will shut down all North American plants until March 30. That's according to a report from the Detroit Free Press.

"GM and the UAW have always put the health and safety of the people entering GM plants first," said GM CEO Mary Barra. "We have been taking extraordinary precautions around the world to keep our plant environments safe and recent developments in North America make it clear this is the right thing to do now."

GM announced a "systematic orderly suspension of manufacturing" that it claims is due to market conditions. The suspension, it said, will allow it to deep clean facilities and will help keep workers out of harm's way.

The shut down will happen in cadence, though, to ensure an orderly stop to production.

Ford, too, announced that it would shut down its North American plants until March 30. FCA has not yet announced the details of its plan.