EV Charging infrastructure company EVgo is building a charging network with GM, but this one is only for Maven Gig drivers.

While automakers look toward networks of public fast chargers, like Tesla's Superchargers and the even faster Ionity network coming from a group including Ford, VW, and Daimler, one partnership is looking at a much more limited network.

EVgo, which has the nation's largest network of public DC fast charge stations, has announced an agreement with General Motors subsidiary Maven to build a DC fast charge network dedicated to Maven Gig drivers with Chevrolet Bolt EVs. It's an expansion of a pilot program in place in seven U.S. cities.

Maven Gig is a branch of GM's Maven mobility service. It lets users pick up a Maven car for an extended period and is intended to let drivers use the cars for ride-hailing and delivery. There is a selection of GM vehicles, including the Bolt EV.

EVgo's new network of Gig-only DC fast chargers will see hundreds of stations in Maven markets across the country.

"Maven Gig EV Bolt on-demand drivers will have access to a dedicated EVgo fast charging network so they can fully charge in the time it takes to eat lunch," said EVgo CEO Cathy Zoi.

Currently, EV charging at the stations is included in Maven Gig's pricing.

this article first appeared on hybridcars.com