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Glowing Review Of The Cobalt SS

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found this on MSN. pretty nice one!

First Drive: 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt SS
Chevy’s new coupe has brute power and innovations aplenty.

By Evan Griffey
The Cobalt SS pours fuel on the fire that is youth. The car hits the high notes in styling, amenities and price, but offers balance that few other entry-level performance cars can attain. The Cobalt SS delivers a swift kick in the rear when the hammer drops but reacts almost instinctively as the g-forces climb. The more we drove the SS, the more it’s under-$23K sticker seemed like a misprint.
more at link
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Re: Glowing Review Of The Cobalt Ss - Hopefully Not A Repost!!

Where have you been, plane?
The Mazdaspeed3 has been out since 2007.
So, at least one.
That's odd, I didn't realize that the speed3 had managed to post a 'Ring time of 8:22. Or that it gets 30 mpg hwy. Here's what Edmunds had to say:

"Faster Than a Mazdaspeed 3
The 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt SS uses up just 5.8 seconds accelerating to 60 mph, and it goes through the quarter-mile in 14 seconds flat at 103.6 mph. This is a night-and-day improvement over the supercharged Cobalt SS, which couldn't break 7 seconds for 60 mph and ran a 15.2-second quarter at 95.6 mph. In fact, the '08 Cobalt SS is, for the moment, the quickest car you can buy under $25,000.

Even the Mazdaspeed 3 can't keep pace with this Cobalt, as the two examples we've tested posted quarter-mile times of 14.2 seconds at 100.1 mph and 14.5 at 98.7 mph. The Chevy's main advantage is that it weighs 200 pounds less. Also, you can upshift in the SS without lifting. "

Don't get me wrong, the Mazdaspeed3 is a fine automobile and if Plane's question had been "how many cars deliver ALMOST this much excitement for under $23K?", I'd be right there with you.

Besides, I've seen the commercials, I don't want to be driving everywhere in fast-motion trying to outrun the annoying "zoom, zoom zoom" music...
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Re: Glowing Review Of The Cobalt Ss - Hopefully Not A Repost!!

Anybody know if 17" wheels will clear the brakes and suspension on the Cobalt SS?
Re: Glowing Review Of The Cobalt Ss - Hopefully Not A Repost!!

Well, I doubt high performance ring burners is what made Chevy a household name since American cars have never focused on handling, but this is one Cobalt I'd like to own.
That's one broad brush you're painting with and for the record the original comment was "Incredible value at an affordable price", which IS what made Chevy a household name.
Before "incredible value" came to be the Accountants' justification of choice, when blindly removing content that customers actually cared about throughout the 80s and 90s. It was the tool that was used, for example, when the SS supercharged was aimed at the Neon SRT4. Even though the SS super was hopelessly outgunned, the term "incredible value" was perverted to mean "more refined for what it costs" and was used repeatedly to justify a bad decision.

This time, Chevy has kept closer to the principle, although as other have pointed out - there are other vehicles which are close and place more emphasis on interior material quality and functional space. Chevy has apparently decided that speed, tuning, technology (no lift shift)and efficiency are more important than style or functionality in this segment - because they've got the Mazdaspeed3 covered when it comes to those.
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