Beige cars aren't always boring.

Like this 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, for example. It's a restored factory racer that can go all night.

Like every Corvette that goes up for auction, this one is rare. But in this case, the rare options really are rare. It's one of just 199 cars built with the race-ready Z06 package. That means a fuel-injected 327 cube engine with 360 hp, a four-speed manual, and a Positraction rear end with 4.56 rear gears. Plus finned drum brakes with cooling scoops and heavy-duty shocks and springs.

This one also has the N03 option. Which isn't one better than nitrous oxide, it's a huge gas tank. 36-gallons. Enough to propel a Prius nearly 2,000 miles. Or, in this case, it means fewer stops on track or all-week cruising on the street.

This car has been completely restored in the original saddle on saddle colour scheme, earning a string of top medals and restoration certifications. And it really is a race car. This one was raced in SCCA competition from new. It's hitting the block at Mecum's Kissimmee auction next month.