FX's The Americans was set in the early 1980's, and focused on a family of deep-cover Soviet agents. Any series set during the Regan administration needs some great malaise cars, and here's one of the best.

The Jennings family car was a 1977 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale, and now that the show is over the car is for sale.

This was the car used on-screen, starting with the first episode's chase through D.C. It's powered by a 350-cubic inch V8 and four barrel carb with an automatic transmission.

The seller has a clean title, along with a copy of the title from the production company that owned the car for the show and a certificate of authenticity from Fox to make sure you're getting the right car.

The seller says that inside are still some wrappers and water bottles from the production, along with fake blood on the cigarette lighter and trunk lid. Although the production leaving that on is poor tradecraft. Outside, it has the dent in the right rear door that came from it being kicked shut in the first episode.

It's for sale on eBay right now. And if you want the backup car that they used for scenes where it ended up crashed on screen, the seller has that for sale too.

[source: Ebay]