The clock on tax credits for Chevrolet's Bolt and Volt is quickly running down. On October 1, the tax credit for people buying these green cars will shrink from $3,750 to $1,875.

Although it's unfortunate for customers, the reduction comes as a result of the cars' sales. Having reached more than 200,000 total sales last year, the Bolt and Volt reached the sales limit for green cars that was built into the credit.

With that, the credit shrank to $3,750 on April 1 and will shrink again on October 1. Fortunately, GM discounts may help even the government doesn't. Outlets like Autoblog have reported discounts of up to $9,000 for the Bolt.

If you can wait, though, the Bolt's range will be going up to 259 miles in 2020.