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Riding on the GM Gamma Platform, the New Metro is a Subcompact focused on economy. The Wheels are pushed to the corners, and the suspention is designed to be low-intrusive into the cabin. The engine is mounted lower, for a low center of gravity and superb handling. It is very short, coming in at more than 5 inches shorter than the 5-door Opel Corsa.

Power comes from a

660cc Turbo 64HP (Suzuki Sourced Kei Motor) 3Cyl

1.0L 3-cyl 70HP Petrol

1.0L 3-cyl 55HP Diesel Turbo

1.2L 4cyl 84HP (Corsa sourced)

1.1L 4cyl Turbo Diesel 61HP

And lastly for the Sporty XFi trim, it gets a 1.2L Turbo making 105HP.

Prices range as follows

LS - $8550
LSi - $9235
LTi - $10,350
XFi - $12,560

The New Metro willl be able to achieve MPG's of at least 50 or above.

I did a dashboard, it's kinda inspired by other small cars like the Nissan Moco and Smart Fortwo

and fleshed out a rear, but I'm not quite happy with it. I hope you can get the gist of it.

I'm mildly satisifed with the drawing, kinda rushed, I hope to improve and change it to something I'd be more liking towards. Maybe I'll do a convertible and 3-door.
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