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I know I'm gonna be shot for saying this, but I like the overall style of the 5-series, though the Touring is my least favorite iteration. I generally like Bangle's work, and I think he should be congratulated for his efforts at building more polarizing style for BMW. While there are many who clearly dislike his design direction, there appear to be those definitely in favor of his work. I count myself among them. I see more and more new 5's on the road, and I find myself quite smitten with them.

And I certainly like the looks of the new 5 more so than the vehicle it replaces. Although that Teuton performed quite well, I never got why people were so taken with its rather vanilla looks. Maybe they were caught up in the marque's cachet? Maybe they only cared about performance?

And spy photos of the new 3 and 4-series lend me to believe that more sweet stuff is on the way!

Just my 2 cents.
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