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Geneva Show: Audi A6

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Exterior looks good, interior looks to be of high quality but too cluttered and has an old design feeling to it. At least it has powerful engines...
It looks alright, but where they chose to place the licence plate on the grille is :huh:
It looks just a bit off.... and that dash is ugly.
please tell me that they did NOT copy i-DRIVE. all we need is more confusing crap in our cars. overall, looks pretty good, although i like the current A6 better. hopefully it will grow on me.
what do you do in states that don't require front license plate?
it looks silly with this grill imho... it's like they borrowed the grill from a truck from the fifties!
Im gunna get bashed for this, but this interior looks like crappy plastic. The way the center stack is formed...not what Im used to in an Audi. And what is with teh 20384023840237502704823 switches and buttons on the center console around the shifter!! I thought they were window switches till I looked over to the door and saw the window switches there. And yeah, looks to me like I-Drive: Audi style. The steering wheel also has me thrown off. Looks like the same qualty one in the Malibu. I am really not digging the front grill at all, and the interior is IMO a step back for Audi. The rear reminds me the the lines of the Acura TL... dont ask me why.
i don't think it's a copy of the i-drive, it's probably the exact same thing audi currently as in the A8, which from everything i've read is similar to the i-drive but better and more simple in pretty much every way. i think the interior looks pretty nice, but it is a step in a new direction for audi sorta i guess. and i agree, the back reminds me of a TL also <_<
the front end is ugly, the interior is ugly and saying its "button rich" would be putting it lightly. That is an Audi Version of i-drive btw, which brings me to my next point... WTF I THOUGHT THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO REDUCE THE NUMBER OF BUTTONS ALL OVER THE DASH AND CONSOLE
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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