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General Motors and Georgia State partner with students

March 30, 2004

In conjunction with General Motors’s General Motors Marketing Internship (GMMI), and EdVenture Partners, a group of Georgia State University marketing majors have gained what might be deemed by some as the “ultimate internship”.

Through the program, students in Dr. Chip Barksdale’s Strategic Marketing class will create their own marketing agency, titled Panther Promotions, which will assist Cobb Parkway Chevrolet in Marietta, GA and the Chevrolet Division of General Motors in promoting their 2004 line of the Chevrolet Colorado, Malibu, Malibu MAXX, and Equinox, in an interactive/sales event to be held on campus, on April 8th.

Through their instruction the students are given tools and resources to promote the event, all the while garnering some sense of the dealings which take place in real world marketing projects such as these. As stated in a promotional piece for the event,

“The GMMI program effectively bridges the gap between industry and education by providing students with the hands-on, experimental learning necessary for employment,”.

With a $2,500 project fund in hand, students involved with the program spend a number of weeks investigating a target market, eventually presenting their ideas to various executives of both General Motors and Cobb Parkway Chevrolet, eventually moving forward to the presentation of the various Chevrolet models.

As participants within the program, the students will have the opportunity to compete for the General Motors Marketing Internship Scholastic -Achievement Award, with the top honors including a $1,500 scholarship to be presented to the top two universities involved in the nationwide program, along with an opportunity to present their respective projects to GM executives located in the Southeast Regional office located here in Atlanta.

The program has proven to be an invaluable learning experience for the students, which is apparent to participant Benjamin Bryant, a marketing major who is in his last semester here at Georgia State University.

When asked what he had so far taken from the experience Mr. Bryant responded, “This project has allowed for me to understand how you need to be more strategic with your planning, for different events.”

“What this is is real life experience,” Bryant continued, stating one of the main goals of the project itself.

“As a lot of students may know, you go into a classroom, in some areas, and not have a lot of hands on experience. With this project it allows for us to have a hands on experience, not taking away from the course work we are doing in the classroom.”

In reference to the group planning aspect of the project Mr. Bryant stated, “It takes a collective stance to make a project of this magnitude to work.”

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