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Posted on Mon, Mar. 15, 2004

General Motors adding stability control to 12-passenger vans

Associated Press

DETROIT - General Motors Corp. said Monday it will begin installing stability control systems on its 12-passenger vans in the 2005 model year.

GM made the announcement the day after Ford Motor Co. said it will begin putting stability control in its 15-passenger vans in 2006. GM made stability control a standard feature on its 15-passenger vans starting with the 2004 model year.

"It will also take what we believe is already a very safe vehicle and make it even safer," said Ray Chess, GM's line executive for trucks and vans.

GM's stability control system, known as StabiliTrak, uses sensors to determine the direction the driver wants to go in and applies brakes to the wheels if it senses the driver is going off course. Studies in Europe and the United States have indicated that the systems prevent accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found that vans carrying 10 or more people are three times more likely to roll over than lightly loaded vans. In 2002, the government renewed a safety warning for 15-passenger vans, which often are used by churches, schools and sports teams.

NHTSA says its warning also applies to 12-passenger vans that are built like 15-passenger vans.

Full Article Here

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Ford and GM announce right about the same time - wonder if one was waiting for the other to do it first. :D

Any tech added to enhance the Express is good - they should make it an option for the 8 passenger vans as well (if it isn't already).
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