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G8 GT Track Times: 13.1!!

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13.3 stock, 13.1 with a tune, and mid 12's with a 100 shot. Car driven at Atco Raceway, Atco NJ.
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awesome, if it can run this well with the base v-8 and auto, then just imagine what it'll do with a manual and then the GXP next year, hp numbers wont mean to much, these LS powered cars are soooo good.
GXP cars should be doing mid to high 12's easilly.
Even though the L76 is putting down a healthy 315hp I am suprised it ran that quickly. Just goes to show you how much a 6 speed tranny helps a heavy car.
13.3 seems pretty quick considering GM only claims 13.0 for the GXP. Just makes me think that the 13.0 GXP estimate is on the conservative time. Good to know.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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