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G6 Wiggle & anyone have TSB printouts?

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My G6 just passed 700 miles and in addition to a typically rough or misfire like idle a lot of the time, there's also varied shaking as I accelerate from a stop at times and pretty much all the time at 40+ cruising on glass smooth roads.

The idle thing may be common (weird...but seems that way from forums), but as the rest of the shaking has gone away on one or two random days, I'm not sold on it being tires.

It's going in tomorrow but like with a sunroof rattle I had, it helps to give have some background. Anyone know what this TSB describes?

Service Bulletin Number : PIP4363

I'm trying to research before hand. It's the VVT 3.5L and with so few miles, still something isn't right and isn't getting better. No CEL or anything, just the rumble and wobble, that can vary.
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When I start my Grand Prix 3.8, I notice a slight vibration while idling, almost like its only in one cylinder, but I don't really think its anything. But when I go 60-70 mph, the front passenger tire seems to make the car vibrate, so it could be a flat spot on your tire, or perhaps something wasn't connected right with the suspension. Nobody needs these kinds of annoyances on a car with 1000 miles on it. Oh, and if it makes you feel better, I just paid the GP off last week, and left the sunroof opened, and it poured, and the inside was soaked. Then I drove through a pretty bad hailstorm, cracked windshield, and slightly cracked turn signal lights, so I'm pretty much at a loss for words. So in a sense, I know how you feel, but its different.
What about the possibility of a bent rim, although that wouldn't explain why you have a shaking at idle. See if you can get a video of it or something.
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