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G6 vs Mustang

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Ok the new Mustang is comming. Since the GTO is priced in Mustang Cobraland and there is no Firebird compitition, there is the G6 coupe. The top line G6 gets a new 3.9 but why not go AWD with a blown 3.9 or a Northstar V-8, if that is possible, for the top line G6? That would give the Stang a run for it's money. Call it the new JUDGE.
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I'd rather not look at the G6 as a response to a Mustang, what with the G6's base 4-banger and front-wheel drive. Not really in the same class.
Exactly desmo9 but I do like the AWD idea beeing that they allready have Versatrak.It would be no Stang killer but it would be cool with supercharging.Altima lookout!!!! :mf_boff:
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