The future of Cadillac isn't all transportation pods and living spaces, says the brand's president, Johan de Nysschen, because they drive too well.

"Our cars are fantastic to drive, they are rewarding, they're exhilarating, they're comfortable, luxurious, refined, but they're also performance cars," de Nysschen told Motor Trend in a recent interview. "To put all of that capability into the vehicle and then remove the option of driving. That would be absurd."

This despite Super Cruise, which will give CT6 owners a taste of autonomous driving. De Nysschen explains this discrepancy by pointing out that it's all about giving the driver choices.

"For us, luxury is about having the freedom to choose," he said. "And a Cadillac personal autonomous vehicle will have autonomous capability, it will allow the driver the opportunity to drive themselves and enjoy a finely crafted automobile, but when the mood takes them or the circumstances dictate, they can let the car do the onerous part of driving for them. That is the longer-term timeline, the horizon view for Cadillac."

Part and parcel of that, is de Nysschen affirmation that his company will not be distracted from making excellent performance cars for its V line.

"V in the future will continue to play a very important part in terms of creating this halo brand cachet around Cadillac," de Nysschen told Motor Trend. "We are a luxury brand, but we are also about producing exhilarating driver's cars, and nowhere is this more clearly brought to bear than in V."

And to continue that development trend, Cadillac will continue racing.

"I think the DPi formula has proven to be quite exciting, and it trule is so that we harness our motorsport programs to also provide technical know-how and feedback that takes into account our road car development program."

[source: Motor Trend]