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How about the guy in my Church that asked me about a dually coming out of the sanctuary on Sunday morning and bought from another GM dealer Monday morning at 0830. Said I didn't get in touch on Monday morning quick enough. This is at 0845 Monday when I called him as soon as I got out of the staff meeting.

Poetic justice though - he paid almost $2,500.00 more at the GMC store than I would have charged him for the Chevy.

You're right Moos - nothing surprises me anymore either.

that's another reason why stores shouldn't have meetings unless absolutely necessary. god i get so sick of sitting thru these drawn out bs sessions....going over the same spew over and over again..."you guys gotta demo the car, sell the customer on you and the store, show why your car is better than the others...blah, blah, blah" meanwhile, the sales mgr and f and i guy have their paycheck handed to them for not much more than lipwork.
on the other hand, the church guy that bought the GMC...stay in touch with him. it won't be the last car he buys and who knows....the other dealer probably isn't staying in touch with him either.
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