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Fuel pump replacement on Silverado. Piece of cake

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I replaced the fuel pump the other day on my 2004 2500 HD. I watched a different method than Im use to on you tube. Unbelievable I love this method. Instead of emptying the fuel, lowering the tank, trying to disconnect all the dirty lines ect, ect. I removed the 4 bolts holding the bed on the drivers side, loosen the 4 on the rt side almost all the way out, remove 3 small screws holding fuel fill, unplug rear running lights, jacked up left side of bed enough to remove and replace fuel pump. Of course after degreasing and hosing off dirt. It took me longer to get out the floor jacks and cut the 2 x 4 wood for jacking than actually replacing the fuel pump itself. Im looking forward to the next one. Maybe a two hour job by yourself. I did put a thin piece of 1/4" plywood between the cab and truck bed because it did come very close and would have scratched the back of cab.
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