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Friends of Cadillac Ranch celebrate 30th birthday

Amarillo, Texas-AP -- A Texas wheat field planted with vintage Cadillacs is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

The luxury cars planted nose-down at the Cadillac Ranch sport new paint jobs and graffiti for the celebration.

The ranch began as a three-dimensional environmental sculpture along Interstate 40 near Amarillo. A radical art collective called the Ant Farm designed and installed the landmark in 1974 for Amarillo businessman and art patron Stanley Marsh.

Marsh was the first to spray paint on one of the newly coated Caddies as he reunited with Ant Farm members on Monday to celebrate.

The cars range from a 1949 club coupe to a 1963 sedan. They were gathered from junkyards, private owners and used-car lots.


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I was under the assumption that the sculpture was done to show the "life of the tailfan" through its birth to eventual demise. Although, it was a good waste of beautiful old Caddys it is an interesting piece of art.
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