Never mind that Chevy has yet to even admit that it's making a mid-engine Corvette, Larbre racing team may have just dropped a hint about a C8 race car.

The hint came at a press conference in which the team, which ran the #50 C7.R Art Car at Le Mans last year, was explaining why it won't race a C7.R anymore.

"It was not possible to enter another C7.R in the GTE Am category," said Jacques Leconte, Larbre team principal. "This car is aging and we would not have been in a position to secure a good line-up at Le Mans in 2018. It was also too early to enter a C8 as this car is still in development."

Now, Leconte may have just said that assuming that there would be a C8.R, but his certainty that the car is in development is, at least, intriguing.

Naturally, Chevrolet and Corvette Racing have been silent on the topic of a C8.R, since, well, they won't even admit that the C8 is in development despite the overwhelming evidence that it is.

But come on. We all know it's coming. The team's history, Ford's recent form at Le Mans, and, you know, common sense all dictate that the C8.R will take to the Circuit de la Sarthe eventually.

And if the Leconte does have insider knowledge (I know that's a very Ancient Aliens way to start a claim, but bear with me) it would be interesting that the race car and the road car are being developed simultaneously. Calling the mid-engine 'Vette a race car for the road would be a self-writing ad campaign.

[via: GM Authority]