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Hi guys I'm not an artist but I do write alot of automotive press for the facebook group i'm part of and some of you may be familiar with my most recent posts in the ford discussion board. Anyway whenever an auto show rolls around i write a Critique called the Good, The Bad, and the It shouldn't have been even displayed crtique column for my facebook group. What i do is look at the cars displayed at the auto show and then pick a few usually two or three and put them into three categories the Good, the bad, And It shoudln't have been even displayed. My first two editions are on Facebook but to reach a broader fanbase i have decided to start posting these on GMI and my facebook group to reach a broader audience. Note the technical information about the cars selected comes from but the opinions listed are of my creation anyway enjoy and tell me what you think. If people really like it I will do more of these for both Facebook and GMI

alright with frankfurt only 3 days away it is time for another installment of the good the bad and it shouldn't have been even displayed the frankfurt edition. And to reach a more diverse fanbase this edition will also be seen on

First the good

the 08 Aston Martin V8 vantage - while it might look like the same vantage we have come to know and love. New upgrades in key areas such as the suspension, engine, and brakes will help make this a meaner and even better aston. and when the new name of this model is announced there will be a name change to this entry

Bentley continental GT speed - Hey all you rappers washed up pop stars and spoiled heiresses Is having a Bentley continental GT, GTC , or Flying spur not good enough for you? and do you want your moneys worth? then this Bentley is for you. the Bentley GT speed is made for those that think 552 horsepower and a 198mph speed limit are mere childs play. while you do get a 202 mph top speed, a 602 horsepower engine and other goodies the 206,285 dollar price tag limits this ride to a select few that can easily dump millions of dollars and not worry about bankruptcy

The 2009 Jaguar XF - from the looks of this beautiful 4 door sedan and from what the public has heard from some of the first drives that are being posted on many auto enthusiast sites it looks like Jaguar has finally made a winner. from a 420 horse supercharged horsepower engine Numerous electronic features, to extravagant wood trim in the cabin the XF is the best Jaguar to come out of the troubled marque in years. While some might question why Jaguar named its new shift selector system "jaguar drive" (makes you think of BMW's I drive doesn't it) it gets the job done and at the same time looks cool as well

Now the Bad

The ford Verve concept - its nice to see ford going for the bold look but I think they might have been trying to hard with the grille of this concept it kinda reminds me of peugeot cars and for all the wrong reasons i might add.

the 2009 Dodge Journey - Chrysler wanted a Lambda fighter and the Journey was the answer. however the Journey has a few basic flaws. For starters its underpowered at least in base trim, The interior looks cheap and quite frankly we are growing tired of the __N go theme with dodges "revolutionary features" oh and dodge calls the seat system in the journey Tilt N go. Come on ,Stow and go was pure genius but Tilt and go and more recently Crate N Go are now starting to make the N go theme really bland and stale. but on a positive note its nice to see dodge has managed to put storage wells on practically every inch of this vechicle.

the Nissan Micra color + concept - Two tone paint jobs are a rare sight these days and if this Yellow and gray combo hits the streets then it will probably stay that way for a long time to come. and if that and the bland body aren't bad enough Nissan has added a feature where a chime will sound when it goes beyond a preset speed limit. Luckily this concept will not be heading for production for a long time

Oh and before I go on with the it shouldn't have been even displayed portion I would like to state that all technical information about these cars comes from However the opinions and critiques about the cars posted here today are of my creation.

Anyway its now time for the most humiliating, embarrassing, and ultimately the category that gives us a chance to say What were they thinking. Ladies and gentlemen I bring you the it shouldn't have been even displayed category

the Volvo C30 efficiency models - While Volvo has made a car that can reach 52 mpg and a car that would be perfect for gas conscious America there is just one problem. America will be the last market that the C30 efficiency models come to, so while the rest of the world is getting great gas mileage we Americans get jipped thanx alot Volvo.

the Citroen C cactus - Citroen has gained a reputation for going outside the box with their concept car designs but unfortunately citroen might have gone too far outside the box for this one. The C cactus has a front that makes the Chevy trax concept look like Jessica alba and quite frankly while Citroen made an effort to make this a cool enviro friendly car i don't think putting bug cutouts on the doors is going to help get people in the car.

The Bugatti 16.4 Pur Sang - Oh Bugatti Known all around the world as the maker of cars that only spoiled celebrities and oil barons can afford (such as the Veyron) has unveiled another version of its go ludicrously fast super car. Normally it would be a good thing if the Veyron was radically altered or some new gizmo was put in it. Sadly that is not the case but Bugatti did SOMETHING unique, something so unique and so STUPID it managed to land here in this category. The unique thing that Bugatti did to this car was NOT PUT EXTERIOR PAINT on it I'll give the devil his due and say that the Veyron does look better without the two tone paintjob but rather than pay the exact value of a few dozen houses to get a Depainted Bugatti I could just take an existing bugatti to a paint shop and get it stripped for less than 90 dollars. Come on Bugatti you can do better than this.

Anyway that does it for this edition of the Good the bad and it shouldn't have been even displayed critique column of the Frankfurt Auto Show. Green was one of the main themes at this years show and while some of the concept cars on display looked cool many of them were ugly. However this show also featured numerous high performance cars and also new vehicles from BMW Mercedes and others that are headed for production really soon. America also had a small presence at frankfurt but this show was mostly about European brands. Until the next auto show we would like to wish our fans at facebook and GMI a safeand awesome weekend

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I actually like the Ford Verve concept, but the hands down winner of the show is the Lamborghini Reventon. Just looking at the Lambo makes me want to save my pennies.

Edit: I guess they're only making 20 Reventons and they're already spoken for, damn.
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