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Four Dollar A Gallon Gas Fueling Hope For Hydrogen

When gas prices spike, the public finally opens its eyes to alternatives. It happened in the mid '70's when compact cars became big sellers. It's happening again today with hybrids flying off of lots. But with this surge in prices at the pump, I'm hearing more and more people talk about hydrogen fuel cell powered cars and SUVs.

Some of this is fueled (pardon the pun) by the public's hope that there's something on the horizon to help the country run on a fuel cheaper than gas. But there's also the fact several automakers are rolling models powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

Toyota [ Loading... (%) ] just announced it will introduce a fuel cell vehicle in Japan later this year with a range of up to 516 miles. Honda's [HMC 35.4 0.08 (+0.23%) ] FCX Clarity will be leased in California starting next month. And GM's [GM 16.57 0.35 (+2.16%) ] project driveway has people around the country driving Hydrogen fuel cell models every day.

With all that activity, it's not surprising some think we're on the cusp of hydrogen models taking off. But the fact is, we're still many years from seeing these vehicles in large numbers around the country. Yes, I know I will hear from many bloggers who think that I'm trying to dampen enthusiasm for alternative powered cars and trucks. Sorry Charlie, that's not the case. I'm simply stating the facts.|headline|quote|text|&par=yahoo
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