Everett Eissenstat, former top economic advisor to the Trump administration, has been hired by GM as its Vice President for global public policy.

At GM, he will reportedly help the global corporation navigate the Trump administration's tariff threats and will report directly to CEO Mary Barra.

"Everett Eissenstat has had a distinguished career in public policy managing complex issues around the world," said Barra. "His broad experience interacting at the highest levels of government, both within the U.S. and globally, and his track record for partnering and building relationships on both sides of the aisle make him a perfect fit to represent GM and our employees on key policy issues."

Eissenstat left the White House in late June for personal reasons, not political ones according to the Financial Times. Despite that, though, Politico reports that he had been actively looking for work in the private sector for weeks before announcing his departure.

Eissenstat got to the White House with a wealth of expertise and was widely considered a smart pick by President Trump. He acted as Trump's "sherpa" at large trade summits like the G20 and APEC. His popularity with global trade partners, though, made him suspect to hard line nationalists within the White House, reports Politico.

"Everett was a consummate professional and a valued member of the White House staff," White House chief of staff John Kelly said in a statement in June. "We will miss his deep expertise, commitment to duty, and skillful management of the National Economic and National Security Council's international team."

Eissenstat will play a crucial role at GM as it attempts to navigate ever changing trade rules implemented by the Trump White House. The company has already expressed its desire to avoid tariffs on Chinese-made Buick Envisions and will have to adjust as the prices of steel and aluminum rise.