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Forget 'retro'

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I don't really like 'retro'. I mean, the PT Cruiser is very ugly. The only retro cars I like is the retro-designed SSR and concept Nomad from Chevrolet. Besides that, designing the 300C to make it 'retro' was a horrible idea. Forget the inspired design from Shelby Cobra in 1966. Its not 1966. Its not 1952. Its not 1912 for goodness sake. Its 2004! Bring on the cars that have advanced technology, not the same dashboard as a 62' Mustang! In 1955, they pictured cars that could fly. Why didn't we come up with the technology like that. Meanwhile we're stuck with a whole bunch of gas-guzzlers in which every 2 miles you have to get gas. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
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Originally posted by 69nova@Feb 22 2004, 08:59 PM
The problem with retro is that it is so much more difficult to pull off. PT Cruiser is a retro but not tied to a particular car. At least not like the GTO. While typing, I'm trying to think of a retro that has really received kudos from everybody. The Thunderbird really is not a spotlight car. The Mustang and corvette never left.
That is why I am of the opinion that the GTO should have been introduced on its own merits under its own badge. In the end, it will be judged more on its performance and reliability than who calls it by any particular name.

Still thinking of cars re-introduced. 94-96 Impala SS? Is this one? Nissan's Z is another (done well too).
you seem to be confusing "re-introducing" and thats not the same as "retro-styling". retro-design refers to just the styling, giving new cars the look of the older cars but in a modern day interpatation.
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