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The Discovery channel had a program "Rebuilding a Race Car" about its program to introduce the take off version of the famed GT40- the Ferrari Killer.
From an engineering point of view, it must have been a swell project of which to be a part.
The project leaders were itching to (some 50-ish types) a sports car and when the project was given the go-ahead, they had only 9 months to bring a car to market. The interviews with the engineers showed their enthusiasm ("We not only want to build a car that is in the Ferrari class but one that can kick its butt.").
Having to test drive the GT then test drive a Ferrari for comparison purposes would really make my Mondays something to look forward to.
They also showed the little things that can break a schedule such as figuring out how to install a working window and how to mount a gas tank.
As I watched this program, I reflected back on engineering projects that brought out the tiger in design teams as well as those projects (like re-badging a foreign car) that are ho-hum, get it out the door.

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not sure if you're american or canadian, but i've felt the same way about the avro arrow jet program the canadian government started and canned in the late 1950's. i don't know many details about the program, except that it would have been an exciting and exhilarating rush when it was going, and a horribly frustrating and disappointing crash when it ended.

same sorta deal as with GT40, by the sounds of it. very intense and sexy, and yet bogged down from above. i wonder if the crew that set out to design, i dunno, the cobalt, felt the same passion. perhaps on a different level. i bet it's still that same rush with the corvette, and maybe the solstice, but i'd also assume more mundane programs (GM's upcoming CSV's, perhaps) don't go far to inspire those working on them. but that's the way it has to be. they can't all be GTO's or vettes... where would the kids and groceries go?!? interesting post 69nova!

Avro Arrow history
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