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Ford's Ethanol Boost Engine Code-Named Bobcat

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Ford's Ethanol Boost Engine Code-Named Bobcat
By: Mike Levine Posted: 09-02-08 02:33 PT
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Ford says its new line of turbocharged EcoBoost direct-injection gasoline engines will deliver up to 20 percent better fuel economy in its cars and trucks than conventional engines, but it isn't expected to stop looking for efficiency gains there.

Industry sources tell that Ford is already developing the next iteration of EcoBoost motors with suppliers under the code name Bobcat.

Bobcat engines will feature ethanol boost technology, developed by Ethanol Boosting Systems, LLC of Cambridge, Mass., that promises 5 to 10 percent greater fuel economy than EcoBoost engines.

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It looks like the Bobcat would give diesel fuel economy and diesel power with a cost maybe $1,100 higher than the gas engine (versus $6,000 or more extra for the PowerStroke diesel).

Good deal.

But if they really can add 20% to fuel economy with Ecoboost and another 5% mininum with Bobcat, they should be planning to use this everywhere. A 20 mpg pickup with class leading power is awesome, don't get me wrong. But adding 25% to city and highway economy for the Focus, Fusion, Flex, and Taurus would be spectacular both for sales and also for Ford's image as a technologically sophisticated and competitive automaker.
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