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Originally posted by stewacide@Mar 4 2004, 06:34 PM

- Instead putting the time, effort, and cash into developing a few incredibly capable and versitile platforms on which they can base all their cars they develop a whole slew of low-content platforms that spin off only one car and a few barely disguised clones. Something like Epsilon, for example, really suffers not having AWD built into it from the start, although it's a decent first try at a global platform. Their numerous small and large car platforms are even more confused and lacking in versatility.

- GM has a very nice i4 family in the Ecotec, but they've never developed an affordable, high quality, high-displacement DOHC v6 - something they NEED to be competative in the North American midsize sedan market. Putting trashy decade-old OHV units in the otherwise very modern Epsilon cars for instance is a travesty. I can't count the times they've tried and failed to build a v6 to match Toyota/Honda/Ford (the cut-down Cadi' ShortStars, the converted OHV blocks, the Opel/Saturn/Saab units, etc.). The fact that they have to borrow an engine from Honda for the Redline Vu is a disgrace - they've had well over a decade now to do one of their own!!!
I really don't think it's in GM's best interest to develop a bunch of low-ball platforms instead of a few incredibly capable ones. They've moved down market enough accidentally. They don't need to make it an engineering stategy.

As for the V6, they have developed an affordable, high quality, high-displacement DOHC v6 - the new High-Feature 3.6L DOHC found in the CTS and the Rendezvous so far, and the LaCrosse next. This engine will spawn a couple more displacements, down to a 2.8L.
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