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Ford planning F-100 and global Ranger replacement

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We've already heard that Ford is developing a new, smaller pickup truck based on the F-150 that will be powered by four-cylinder and turbocharged V6 engines

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I already comment in the last thread about this that I thought it was a good idea... but now I think it's even more brilliant. Instead of watching full-size truck sales slide into the toilet, Ford is preparing to do something about it. For people that need a big truck they'll still get an F150, but for those that can get away with something a bit smaller and less powerful (and cheaper), there'll be the F100. Can live with even less space, capability, and power? They'll get a Ranger. They're encouraging people to stay in the Ford truck family instead of watching them drop off entirely.

If anything the next Ranger should be a hair smaller than today, to make room for the F100 and let the Ranger come in even more affordable and efficient than the current model.

Also, isn't Ford making the next Explorer unibody? I really think that Ford is thinking long-term with their trucks. They could leave GM and Dodge in the lurch.

Yes the Explorer is moving to unibody, but the question still remains whether it will be rwd or fwd. Im hoping for rwd because it would differ it from the Flex and it would open the door for rwd Lincoln crossovers to be built in Louisville along with it.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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