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By Robert Musial, FCN

This month, Ford Motor Company is launching an aggressive campaign to improve consumer opinion of Ford brand vehicles in the U.S. and to encourage employees, retirees, dealers and others to be enthusiastic advocates for the company, the brand and its products.
Dealers and employees across the company worked together on the new “Drive one” campaign, which kicks off with a messaging blitz starting April 3. After internal audiences – employees, dealers and retirees – are engaged, the campaign will be unveiled to the public in a major marketing drive that begins April 8.
The “Drive one” campaign will highlight Ford’s accomplishments and commitment in four key areas that shape the reputation of the company and the Ford brand – Quality, Green, Safe and Smart. Dealers and employees at all levels of the company helped develop the effort and provided valuable feedback on its tone, philosophy, content and tactics.
The four key messages will be backed by facts and videos featuring experts, employees and customers who demonstrate, in an authentic way, why Ford products are worthy of consideration. It will also invite consumers to test-drive a new Ford vehicle and experience the difference.
“It’s time for more people to know about our ‘new’ Ford and how strong our products really are,” said Alan Mulally, president and CEO. “When I asked Jim Farley and the marketing team to roll up their sleeves and come up with a plan to tell our story to more people in a credible and convincing way, they said the Ford story is really a story about our people and the hundreds of daily success stories that have driven our improved results in quality, safety, technology and sustainability.
“Thanks to the commitment of the Ford team, we now have the opportunity to show the country – and in time, the world – just how good our products and this company are. It’s inspiring,” said Farley, group vice president, Marketing and Communications. “Soon, each of us will have a chance to spread the word to millions of people who rely on us to deliver great vehicles every day.”
During the campaign’s creation, employees and dealers were consulted and provided input that helped illustrate the messages and built confidence in the strategy.


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