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Ford, General Motors Dominate R. L. Polk's Mid-Year Consumer Loyalty Rankings
Ford Trucks, GM Cars Lead Majority of Loyalty Categories

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Owners of Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corporation vehicles are leading the industry in remaining loyal to their chosen brands, according to mid-year consumer loyalty rankings prepared by R. L. Polk & Co. The results are published as a precursor to the Polk Automotive Loyalty Awards, held annually in Detroit.

Since 2000, General Motors has rated the highest in manufacturer loyalty. The first six months of the 2004 model year also show GM in the lead with 65.7 percent of its customers returning to the automaker when they make future purchases. "GM's high loyalty rates are partially driven by a wide range of vehicles available among its seven makes," said Melissa Travers, manager of Polk's Loyalty Solutions team.

At the make level, Ford continues to retain the highest percentage of its consumers with 57.5 percent of its buyers remaining loyal. Ford has enjoyed the top seed in the make category since 1996.

Eight of the 2003 winners in Polk's segment loyalty categories did not make it into the 2004 mid-year findings. Notably, GM nameplates surged to replace Ford Motor Company vehicles in four segments. At the halfway point, Saturn Ion replaced the Ford Focus in Small Car, Buick Century replaced Mercury Sable in Midsize Car, Buick LeSabre replaced Mercury Grand Marquis in Large Car, and Cadillac DeVille replaced Lincoln Town Car in the Luxury Car segment.

However, three Ford Motor Company light trucks maintained their leads in the Compact Pickup (Ford Ranger), Full Size Pickup (Ford F-Series), and Full Size SUV (Expedition) segments.

"Some of the 'new' leaders in model loyalty may not have won in 2003, but have in the not-too-distant past," said Travers. "In many cases, Polk has found that models can briefly surge to the top of loyalty rankings due to attractive redesigns and particularly enticing incentive offers."

The Buick LeSabre, leading the Large Car segment halfway into 2004, won for three consecutive years before being ousted by the Mercury Grand Marquis in 2003. Current leader Cadillac DeVille had the highest model loyalty in the Luxury Car segment from 2000 to 2002, before bowing to the Lincoln Town Car in last year's annual results. Lexus LS 430 grabbed top honors in the Prestige Luxury Car segment in 2001 and 2002, was overtaken in 2003 by the BMW 7 Series, but is now leading again at 2004's midpoint.

Entirely new to the loyalty race this year is the Range Rover in the Prestige SUV segment and the Ford Mustang in the Sports Car segment. Meanwhile, the Saturn Ion has dislodged the formidable Ford Focus -- winner for four consecutive years -- from the top spot of the Small Car segment.

"Reflecting the fluid nature of the automotive business, there are both relatively new models leading segment categories, as well as models returning to the top spot after briefly slipping out of the lead," said Travers. "The last half of the 2004 model year is going to be interesting to see if the new leaders can retain their edge, and if the array of Ford trucks and General Motors cars will remain strong."


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If GM started paying even more attention to their customers, they'd have even greater loyalty than they do already. As it is, I'm looking for a brand new, LS-? powered Camaro to go straight from the show room to my garage. If GM would listen to what countless people have been asking for, such as the return of the Camaro, I'm positive they'd be even happier with the loyalty they would possess.

However, with no new Camaros on the market, as much as I hate to say it, those Retro-Rustangs are looking pretty tempting...

GM, if you're reading this, you want my business, you know there are those who are holding out so they don't have to submit to buy the "nicest looking Fairlane around", bring back the Camaro and you'll have my customer loyalty along with that of whomever else is in the same boat as me. :rolleyes:

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What would be more impressive is if Ford and/or GM had the highest CONQUEST rate. Owner loyalty just shows that there are large groups of people who buy GM and Ford vehicles because they traditionally did that. It doesn't necessarily say anything about GM or Ford's quality.

If people were trading in Hondas or Toyotas or other brands in large numbers, that (to me) would be more impressive.
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