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Ford Freestyle

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“Freestyle is the crossover done right. We didn’t try to adapt an existing minivan or sport utility platform. Freestyle is built from the ground up as a crossover with class-leading spaciousness, seven-passenger comfort, versatility and all-wheel-drive capability. And through it all, Freestyle will deliver with the value that defines it as a Ford. We believe these strengths give Freestyle the strongest potential to define the crossover market -- much like the Ford Explorer defined SUVs a decade ago.” - Phil Martens, Group Vice President, Product Creation, Ford Motor Company

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I am not to sure about the exterior, but the interior is cool! :lol:
hopefully the new stang, F150, freestyle, Montego, Five hundred, and Mariner will help get Ford back onto its feet. A lot of nice product here. Im excited for the future. And not just of Ford but GM and Chrysler also.
I like the split fold-flat third row seat. Looks kind of like the new Sienna. These are the future for third row seats.

"Freestyle is the crossover done right. We didnt try to adapt an existing minivan,"
:lol: Ooooooh! That was a low blow! (cough, CSV, cough) :rolleyes:
IMO, this is the best thing Ford has come out with in a while. I'll wait until the roadtests for final judgement. The exterior is rather bland, but it has the Ford family SUV look which should appeal to many buyers.
Doesn't do anything for me, looks like a jacked up Taurus Wagon, with a hint of F-150 in the front, and Mazda MPV from behind. It even has a Chevy style grab bar for the passenger! Interior although looks like a good effort.
Looks explorerish to me. I'd like to see it in person to get a better idea of the dimensions.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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