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Ford has long said that Focus and Fiesta were unprofitable, despite being their volume leaders.

By 2025, virtually everything we see on EU lots today will have been discontinued in favor of a smaller lineup of EVs and Commercial vehicles. Much of this is driven by regulatory pressures on-top of that old chestnut of ridding themselves of commodity loss leaders.

Mondeo, Focus, Fiesta, EcoSport, Kuga, S-Max, Galaxy

Puma, Mach E, Ranger, Transit

Mustang and Explorer

Coming by 2024:

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The two EV crossovers are based on the VW JV, but built by Ford.

I'm not sure if Europe with get any of the North American GE2 stuff in 2025 like Explorer, but its possible. I'm also not clear if Europe will eventually use GE2 for their own vehicles instead of VW, but it seems unlikely at this point. The EV Transits and Puma are all developed by Ford of Europe, except for the E-Trasit which is a Dearborn development (based largely on Mach E parts). I believe all the Transit EVs are ICE/EV conversions, as is Puma. The EU needs higher volume lower cost EVs so this makes sense for them. The US EV market is much smaller with a slower adoption rate because of several factors (expensively large long range batteries, all-or-nothing EV architectures with low PHEV adoption, few regulatory pressures or incentives, poor charging infrastructure, cheaper fuel).
So many not cars to choose from!..I'm so not excited.
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