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Word Odin!! Guy's, over here, thing's are pretty strict. I don't know how much you guy's know about our car market, but we're not some "developing" market. For 2003, the Australian new car market fell just under the 1 million unit mark. It's nothing compared to the US, but when you compare us to Canada's new car market, we don't do to badly. Some 1.7 million new car's were sold in Canada last year, yet they have an extra 13 million people than what we do!!

Don't even think about trying to get insurance if you're got a Turbo or a V8. Most insurance companies wont even look at you, especailly if you're male and under 21. We also have a 92% rate of seatbelt usage compare to North America. Did you know that car's that are sold in North America have larger airbags than what we have in Australia. The reason for this, is because you guy's don't where seatbelt's as much as what we do.
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