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I believe they are talking about the 2010 Fusion not the 2009.

2009 is a carryover model year that runs from last Wednesday to November.

2010 is the model year of the redesign which will debut in the first days of 2009.

for the 2009 MY, Ford added ESP and moved around options, but the current order guide does not have any mechanical changes (except for removing the manual-I4 combo from the SEL model). However, Ford does sometimes update its order manuals after initial publication.

For now the 2.5l I4 is confirmed for 2010. the V6 is questionable, and it is between the 3.5l and the updated 3.0l - the 3.0l was dead at one point, but in final tests it returned one extra mpg over the 3.5l - and finally, Ford offered id as a concession to UAW - so it is back alive, but its Fusion life is not confirmed yet.

With $4 gasoline I'd think the updated 3.0l would be alive and well. Every one MPG is huge in the world of $4 gas. I just hope GM gets this message.

Also, with the solid valve lifters in the 3.5l, does anyone worry about valvetrain durability? Ford calls them "direct acting mechanical bucket (DAMB) camshaft tappets", but are they as quiet and durable as hydraulic lifters? I read they only went the DAMB route to reduce the height of the engine.
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