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You know, the current model Cadillac DeVille DTS still turns my head from every angle but the front. It isn't bad from that angle, but it's not as handsome a treatment as was given to the rear and side profile.

Given the success of the Evoq-inspired "design vocabulary" that has been applied to all new Cadillacs, I wonder if Cadillac should consider face-lifting the front end of the DTS (and any minor changes required to match the edgy theme) in order to stimulate demand between now and the next all-new rendition of that vehicle. With the '05 STS due out as early as mid-year, it would also provide Cadillac with a 100% application of its new look to its entire line of vehicles.

Anyone want to give it a try and see if the new design vocabulary can be applied to the current DTS? I'd do it myself, but my Photoshop skills are pretty much limited to File/Open. B)
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