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Originally posted by Chops@May 20 2004, 12:03 AM
Go sit in the corner. Now. 1 hour. And wear the helmet. :eek:

I don't know what you're on man but the 3rd and 4th gen F-bodies looked NOTHING like each other, aside from general shape. Go look at a bird, and then a camaro. Front side, back side, side view, I don't care. You can't convince me that you can mix the two up.

Friggin asinine. It's okay to sell over 5 different types of rebadged blazers but dear god we can't have 2 RWD coupes. <_<

On another note... the G6 is a front drive 6 banger. It will NOT nor will it EVER take the place of a firebird or even dream of touching it.
I agree 100%. If you can't tell a Firebird and Camaro apart you need to put the pipe down. :blink: Also the 4 generations of Firebirds are VERY different!!
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