There's a risk, if you don't live in Canada, that you believe Quebec to be a classy place full of stylish semi-Parisians who happened to get lost on a boat 400 years ago. This Cavalier should serve as all the evidence you need to disabuse you of that notion.

This 1997 Cavalier has had its drivetrain removed and in its place, a stroked small block and RWD driveline put in its place. It also has a 5-speed manual, a custom independent rear suspension with a 3.73 Posi Trac differential.

A horsepower figure isn't actually listed, though there is a video of a dyno test attached to the listing. Frankly, the actual number seems irrelevant. Context clues alone would suggest that there's plenty of horsepower.

According to the seller, over $25,000 has been invested in this little monster and, frankly, that seems pretty likely. Fortunately, they aren't asking for that much. Instead, they're asking for a much more reasonable $7,500 CAD-which these days is the equivalent of about $5,300.