We're all familiar with the Yenko Camaros but less famous is the hopped Chevrolet that preceded it: the Yenko Stinger. And you could own one.

The "Yenko Stinger" is really just a hot-rodded Corvair Monza. Don Yenko changed the name because although he saw the Corvair's potential as a race car, the SCCA classified them as sedans and therefore would not allow them to go sports car racing.

As a result, Yenko had to "remanufacture" them to go racing. The original run of 100 cars, therefore each has its own Yenko VIN number. This one, YS043, counts Tim Allen and Jim Schardt of Ohio, who raced it in SCCA events through the '70s.

It is now set up for classic racing, it has a roll cage and is powered by the original quad-carb flat-six. Unfortunately, the ad doesn't say which level of tune this one is at, but power outputs range from 140 hp to 240 hp.

The Stinger will be up for auction at Mecum's Las Vegas auction this weekend.

via GM Authority