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SO, let me get this straight:

After months and months of hearing how gasoline would never be below $3 a gallon again and oil would destroy the US -- we see gas and crude prices plummet in the last two months.

Ford is considering selling their stake in Mazda -- would would seem to be a HUGE mistake. Unless Ford is in desperate need of money, which would be even WORSE news.

GM and Chrysler are looking to possibly Merge - and there will undoubtedly be brands cut, egos bruised, and all around pain in the process.

The Stock Exchange dropped over 2000 points in three weeks over the mess in the market -- and American seniors who were just about to retire discovered that they now HAVE to work a few more years.

AND Clarkson loves an American car with no "IFs ANDs or BUTs" -- AND its a Cadillac?

That's it - that last is certainly confirmation that the Apocolypse is nigh!!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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