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Ghrank it's just 1 day don't give up.

#1 All ads are the are done the same way from all dealerships, and customer's expect fine prints.

#2 Thats how we advance in the business, and lets face it after a few years we are not in it because we love cars anymore it's because of the $$

#3 As a sales mgr. you must work with each sales rep (weak or not) on there individual needs, and create a TEAM atmosphere, and always praise jobs well that aredone. My top salesman this month was a GM parts mgr for 25 years, sales people come from all walks of life, some make it some don't. just remeber that Less than 5% of the people on the lot are wasting time, they are there to purchase a vehicle!

#4 After 13 years of selling GM, 9 of which as a Sales Masters Guild member, and heavy with product knowledge. I now find myself as a sales mgr at a Ford dealership , still making money and friends because that is what sales is about.(people)

#5 The ladder starts at the bottom (unless you are family) just keep trucking the ladder does reach the top, At the required corse to obtain a sales licence here the instrutor leads out by saying that 1 year from now 80% of you will not be selling cars.There are so many factors as to why, dealers, sales mgrs and sales person themselves can all be to blame.

Anyways Ghranky you'll get through this , from your comments and the fact that the higher ups have givin you all this responsability, I believe that you can handle this and get stronger by doing it HANG IN THERE
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