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Hail all.

As you know, I'm about as loyal and steadfast advocate of GM cars and trucks. I'm going to post my favorite -current- non-GM vehicles, and why, and maybe it will turn into something worthwhile:

1. Mazda RX-8- Low on Torque, High on Cool: The biggest frustration in driving a high-torque 6-speed F-body is not in its handling, but in the fact that I just don't get to work the tranny all that much. The broad powerband of my Z-28 leaves most "sporting" drives to 4th and 5th, unless I really feel like disobeying the law, hitting a deer, or, to a lesser degree, putting my life at risk. I like the styling, and maybe a little challenge in the torque department is worth it in a powerful sporty car. The downside is that rotary, should one ever need to get it fixed.

2. Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart: Seems like it would be a lot of fun. Very much a competitor to the RX-8 in its work-ethic to performance. It's not as pretty, but I could care less about that. The handling is said to be really good. The downside is the satisfaction of "standing my ground" against Foci and Spec V's, and not against Porsches.

3. Nissan Titan: Drawing the Big 3 closer to the "no-****er sticker." I hate this thing, and it's living proof that tow ratings (vs. the F-150 especially) are nothing more than marketing leveraged against safety and warranty obligations. The reason I applaud Nissan is that, with the Titan's low markup, is bringing pickups down to a common price denominator. Dealerships want "no-haggle" pricing even more than the buying public, except for the haggly cheapskates.

4. Mazda Mazda3: A Focus in non-Focus Clothing: It's just a Focus, but put some non-Citroen style sheetmetal on it and it sells like hotcakes. I'm already seeing them around town, and they look good. The Critics have said that the Protege' 5 was more fun, and I'm bound to agree with them, but with prices approaching that of a loaded Aveo, I'm tempted. Sorta. I bet I'd like driving it.

5. Subaru Impreza WRX: AWD, fast, and Subarus are generally good. Dunno how long the turbo would last, and I'd still rather have a Malibu MAXX. Keep in mind, I'd go with the WRX wagon, and not the 4-door. That's why.

Honorable Mention:

Mazda6: I'm impressed that Mazda underestimated the demand for the 6-cyl/manual transaxle. Hopefully Pontiac will take note when they release the G6.

Chrysler Crossfire: I think it's as lovely as it is charismatic, much more so than its Mercedes bretherin, or its Honda and Audi competitors. I'd rather have a Crossfire than a 350Z, and, of course, they all look great in my rear-view mirror.

Just my thoughts. Hope all will enjoy, and chime in.


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* Lincoln Town Car
Incredibly great value, a truly classy car, and a pleasure to drive. If my choices were limited to low-end DeVille or low-end Town Car, I would be very tempted to choose the Lincoln.

* Chrysler 300C
Okay, so no one really knows exactly what it will be like to drive the '05 300C, but I'm a big fan on looks alone.

* Lexus LS430
Almost perfect. Sure, it's a bit on the bland side, but bland as in "conservative", not bland as in "boring".

* Jaguar XJ8
Wreaks of class. Great combination of comfort, performance, and brawn.

...that's all I can think of in terms of non-GM cars I'm really crazy about. Funny how the field of great cars decreases radically when I have to exclude GM vehicles from the list. B)

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Ford Mustang
TVR (anything!)
Morgan Aero 8
Lotus Espirit
Marcos T500
Porsche 911
Jaguar XK 120
Plymouth Barracuda
Dodge Dart
Lincoln Continental (60's models)
Mercury Marauder
Shelby Cobra 427 & 289
Jaguar Mark II / S Type
Mercury Cougar (60's)
Ford Bronco
Plymouth Road Runner
Catherham Super 7
Austin Healy 3000 MK II
Ferrari 330 P4 (One of the coolest Le mans endurance cars period!)
Ford GT 40
Panoz Esperante

Lambroghini Miura
Ford Thunderbird
Mercury Monterey S55
Porshce 356a
Triumph TR3
Jaguar XKE

Can't think of much else at the moment.

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Originally posted by Ghrankenstein@Feb 24 2004, 03:26 AM

And where is the Zimmer Quicksilver among your favorite non-GM's?

:huh: Uh-oh, should that have gone over my head like it did?

Hey, StevenJ listed a bunch of cars they don't make any more. No fair.

Can I do that too? :woot2:

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I have always liked the 97-99 Eclipse GSX. Late model vote would have to go to the Evo.

The 03/04 Cobra is quite enticing as well.

The Stratus R/T for some reason seems pretty fun for a daily driver.

And finally, I wish to be able to beat on a 96-02 Viper GTS sometime before I die.

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If GM wasn't around I'd probably drive one of these:

Mini Cooper
Mazda 6 / Ford Futura
Jeep Liberty
Mercury Mariner
Upcoming Ford Mustang
Upcoming Dodge Magnum
Dodge Ram / HEMI engine
Suzuki Aerio AWD
Subaru WRX
Subaru Baja

Jaguars and Lexii and Lincolns are nice (I'd choose the new Aviator), but I can't justify shelling out that kind of cash for a car. I tend to buy cars or trucks I think are "value" priced, not priced for prestige, status, or luxury. I'd rather save the money on the "luxury" and go to a health spa and get a weekly massage. ;)


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lotus esprit V8... bentley continental GT... mini cooper... renault mégane hatch... i think they'd fill the garage nicely (if i had a garage!).

as for years gone by... volvo P1800... bugatti EB110... ferrari GTO... honda civic hatchback (circa 1979)... honda prelude (circa 1982)... all classic automotive shapes in my mind.

oh, and i saw a bricklin years ago with my dad...thought it was a supercar! i think it was canadian, and didn't last long at all. still, can't beat that first childhood love affair with cars!

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Originally posted by Ghrankenstein@Feb 24 2004, 10:35 AM
Uh-oh, should that have gone over my head like it did?
It was a bit of a poke at your rather baroque taste in automobiles. :p
Oh, okay. Well, the baroquer, the better. B)

Although I should mention that I own a Saturn, and that I hope to eventually expand my current fleet to include a Ford Tempo, a Plymouth Horizon, and a Chevette. Of course, that's after I score the Lumina. :D

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Renault Clio V6
Dodge Viper
Lotus Elise
Mercedes SL-class
Ford Thunderbird
Audi RS6
Dodge SRT8 (The concept)
Ford Mustang
Jaguar S-Type R
Volvo S60 R
Lincoln LS V8
Bentley Arnage
Ferrari 360 and 550
Infiniti G35
Mercedes CL-Class

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Every ferrari ever made... for that matter if its Italian, good chances I like it!
All Vipers ever made.
Mopar Muscle cars
The new 300C
The Dodge Magnum if they made a sedan or even better, a coupe.
Nissan Skyline. Something about that car screams "muslce car" more then any other super jap car. The supra doesnt, the rx7 doesnt.... something about the Skyline is just very attractive. It looks more muscular then the smooth and streamlined surpa and rx7. Not putting either or the other 2 cars down... its just the Skyline looks sweet.
350Z. Not teh G35. The G looks like it doesnt get to the weight room as much as the 350 does.
BMW's new 6 series
Bently Azure
RR Phantom
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