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Favorite Movies and TV Shows

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With the Oscars coming upon us, I thought it might be interesting to reflect on our favorite movies. (Actually, I just feel like talking about it, and the timing of the Oscars just happens to make for a convenient excuse.)

I tend to like more shallow movies and TV shows, partially because I have a weak stomach when it comes to people getting shot up and limbs getting torn off and such, and I don't like really intense and uncomfortable movies. I also tend to enjoy some of the older stuff--more about plot and less about non-stop action and gimmickery. So here are my top 10 all-time favorite movies and TV shows...


Pirates of the Carribean
Back to the Future
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
The Day the Earth Stood Still
War of the Worlds
Star Wars
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Independence Day
My Cousin Vinny

TV Shows:

I Love Lucy
Dragnet (original series and late-60's series)
Star Trek (original series)
Hawaii Five-O
The Outer Limits (original series)
Almanac (History channel series)
Spongebob Squarepants
The Dennis Miller Show
Leave it to Beaver
The Honeymooners
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basic instinct and pretty woman... and yes i am a guy! love the lotus esprit V8 in both movies.

godfathers I & II (III was crap)
usual suspects
reservoir dogs
gone in 60 seconds
texas chainsaw masacre (original and recent remake)
star wars (all of them)
70's porn movies :p

tv shows:

dukes of hazard
knight rider
fat albert
monster garage
monster house
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I'm going to keep it recent to keep the list short:


Smallville (DVD season 1) ;)
Stargate SG-1 (DVD seasons 1-4)
Ride with Funkmaster Flex
The Factor with Bill O'Reilly
Threat Matrix
Scare Tactics
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Autoline Detroit


Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Vacation special edition DVD
The Butterfly Effect
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Ming, I had you pegged for a Babylon 5 nut...

Here are mine, and they're pretty obscure, so I have little dealies written with them. The TV shows aren't that obscure, but I love them so.

1. The Blood of Heroes: (sci-fi/sports) Great cast. Post-apocalyptic setting. People play a brutal game involving a dog skull. All in good, Australian-style fun.

2. The Evil Dead II: (comedy/horror) Bruce Campbell gets attacked by his own posessed hand. He does what anyone would do: he cuts it off, and attaches a chain saw in its place. That's pretty cool.

3. Robot Jox: (sci-fi) The reigning king of 'Mech movies. Lots of stupid one-liners. Looking forward to the upcoming "MechWarrior" movie.

4. Cabin Boy: (comedy) Basically a bunch of drunken cursing sailors and Chris Elliot being idiots. Quite possibly the stupidest movie ever made.

5. The Toxic Avenger: (comedy/sci-fi) The crack cocaine of stupidity and senseless violence.

6. This is Spinal Tap: (comedy) Brilliantly improvised "mockumentary."

7. Drunken Master: (comedy/kung-fu) My favorite Jackie Chan movie.

8. The Ring: (horror) A bonus for Lovecraftian-Mythos fans, to everyone else just another movie. Then rent "Ringu." Perfect for ETHANOL PARTY.

9. Strange Brew: (comedy) The movie that taught Americans what Canada is like.

10. Tromeo and Juliet: (comedy) From Troma, the makers of The Toxic Avenger and many other family favorites. Insane, really messed-up, and surprisingly beautiful. Juliet is bisexual, and Tromeo's dad has chronic gas. Narrated by Lemmy Kilmeister.

11. Caveman: (comedy) Not for the faint of humor. Great cast that generally wished they hadn't made this movie. More farting.

12. The Gods Must Be Crazy: (comedy) Brilliant baggy-pants style slapstick. Something about a Bushman (N!xao) and a coke bottle.

I can keep beating this one into the ground... (Deep Blue Sea...)

Okay TV:

1. Get a Life: Chris Elliot again. Probably the stupidest TV show ever.

2. Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Especially the Christmas special. Moltar was my favorite. Watched Space Ghost religiously as a kid, along with Captain Caveman.

3. Saturday Night Live: Especially the early Will Ferrell/Ana Gasteyer years. Tina Fey might be the hottest woman in the world.

3. Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Especially the really old episodes, with Andy Richter (also in Cabin Boy, btw), Carl "Oldy" Olson, and "Good, Old-Fashioned Staring Contests." New ones are still great.

4. Batman: With Adam West. Got the movie too. Love it.

5. Sledge Hammer!: I think I'm the only person that ever watched this, as it was up against Cosby during the Cosby Show heyday. About a clumsy, trigger-happy cop.

6. Married... With Children: Ed O'Neill was genius.

7. The Simpsons: esp. Disco Stu and the Shine-O Ball-O.

Everything else on TV is just "good."

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Good list, Ghrank -- I like every one of those aside from a few I didn't recognize (but I'd probably like those, too).

I never got into Babylon 5 --- I tried wathcing it mid-season a couple of times and found it difficult to jump into all of the story arcs and character references. You're right, I probably would like it though if I saw it from the beginning.

The Evil Dead series is great --- I liked the Army of Darkness the best - you can't beat that scene with the pit.

"You, you there, you want some of this?!?"
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