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F14's rant about toll roads and speed limits

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Last Friday my dad sent me to southern Ohio to pickup a Prizm/Corolla (whichever you prefer) that he found on the internet for a good price, that he intended to resell. I pulled our tow dolly to pick it up. Got there, car was a piece, so I proceeded to Louisville, KY to check out a Civic. That one was worse. From there I went up to Milwaukee for another Civic which I ended up towing back.

I don't get toll roads. I respect others feelings about harsh language and don't want the moderators on me, so just know that I really, really hate toll roads. flippin Michigan is the motor capital of the world, which must be why the vast majority of our motorways are FREE for everyone to use.

Do taxes not pay for it? Are some states too greedy, and don't value the extra commerce that travelers of freeways bring? If you ask me spending money and making a reason to give someone a job are basic things in the American economy, and that's STILL not enough?

They seem rough to me anyway...god dang with everyone PAYING these toll roads should be in excellent condition all the time.

When towing the dolly with the Civic on it I was charged more than the price of driving two cars on the tollway, close to three. Not like the dolly weighs much.

Oh then, the low speed limits. A flat stretch of limited access freeway should have to be 55 or 65. Heck, it should be 75 if you ask me. I already PAID to drive on the dang thing, and there's still police to write speeding tickets. I should be able to drive most any half-reasonable speed I please. Speeding tickets (the 5 over kind, I don't condone driving excessively over the speed limit under most all conditions) are purely for revenue...

as Saabr once pointed out, if the vast majority of cars are driving over the limit, then OBVIOUSLY, THOSE DRIVERS FEEL SAFE DRIVING THE SPEED THEY'RE GOING AND THE LIMIT SHOULD BE RAISED:clap: He also pointed out that you'll probably face a larger fine for driving 20 mph over than driving the WRONG WAY.

Outside Chicago heading toward Milwaukee I was in a construction zone (no active workers), that was like 30 miles long or so with a 45 mph limit posted. I'm going to say here, that I drove about 55 through that zone because I DID NOT FEEL SAFE DRIVING 45. You don't realize how many rear-end close calls would have occurred with my vehicle(s) along with generally not-pleased drivers there would have been passing or attempting to pass me.

Thanks for letting me let that out. I consider myself a safe driver and don't wish to break laws or endanger anyone but there's some dumb stuff these days I wanted to rant about
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It's almost ALWAYS someone from Michigan doing this too.
Sorry R, our old people move down to your state. Thankfully they make our roads faster.

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