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Originally posted by tgagneguam@May 17 2004, 06:03 PM

Pontiac is supposed to be "American Performance", not European. Oldmobile was supposed to be the more European brand, so that slot is open for Saturn to take. [/QUOTE]
In general, I agree with desmo9 on this one: "...There is absolutely nothing Saturn can offer that shouldn't already be available in Chevy, Pontiac, and Buick showrooms." Perhaps I would go a little further, though, and close the division, which should have been closed before Oldsmobile was shuttered. I wonder if in the final analysis the costs of maintaining Saturn as a separate entity (re-tooling, engineering, marketing, et cetera) are worth the time and finite cash resources. Once again, I'm skeptical.

With respect to Pontiac's performance aspirations, I believe desmo9 is correct: "...Pontiac, we have said, will be your affordable BMW, great performance at reasonable prices." Clearly the target is BMW. That also has been stated before by GM's "elite."
I think what Mr. Cowger meant was the Saturn's styling will have a more European looks as well as performence....... I read this in the Pontiac Solstice's forum that one of the small concept coupe based on the new Kappa platform was intend for Vauxhall, according to the writer, GM is giving that concept car to Saturn.
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