At Barclay's Global Automotive Conference last week, General Motors CEO Mary Barra didn't just talk about the company's vision for an all-electric future, she drew a map. 

Her presentation revealed GM's new modular EV platform that the company hopes will help it sell 1 million electric vehicles annually by 2026. The platform will span multiple segments and serve all of GM's corporate brands, but the automaker remained coy on the specifics of future product. 

Kicking off the onslaught will be a pair of Utility Vehicles, one luxurious intended for Cadillac or Buick, and the other compact, destined for either Chevrolet or GMC. Branching out, the compact SUV will also spawn a smaller SUV which could have potential selling under multiple brands in multiple markets. The Lux 3 SUV will then scale into a pair of 7-seat SUVs, one luxurious and the other mainstream, and a pair of compact CUVs also intended for standard and upscale applications. 

Additionally, GM says the modular architecture will be capable of supporting a small van for light commercial purposes, a hatchback EV, and most exciting, an expressive luxury low-roof car, which is hopefully an absurdly opulent electric coupe or a speedy and sexy sports sedan like the Porsche Mission E.

Most ambitious, and likely last in the production line, is a larger shared autonomous vehicle which could tie in with GM's ride sharing service, Maven. Look for GM to begin filling in the blanks in the coming months, as the first of its new electric vehicles are expected to hit the market in 2020.