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Dorman also makes them.
DORMAN# 917-107
DORMAN# 917-142

And they made a world of difference for me on my truck. The 4 end bolts on the exhaust manifolds were broken. I was able to get one out, but used these kits on the other 3, and it has made my truck much more drivable.

I've got a 2004 Sierra 3500, and even unloaded it had trouble just accelerating from a stop on level ground [had to accelerate fairly slowly], and the motor would have difficultly delivering any power over 2000 rpm, particularly over about 45 mph.

Now, it can accelerate OK and can readily get up to over 60 mph. It still can't handle hills and reports mixture is too rich P0172,P0175 and P0101, so something else is wrong as well, but before I fixed the exhaust it was reporting that both banks were too lean.

I cannot recommend these repair kits highly enough. I also can't believe GM still can't figure out how to get their exhaust bolts to not break.
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